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John 3:16

1 comments · Posted by Tony
Aloha thank you for visiting. About 2 years ago God gave me a desire , inspiration to share The Word "John 3:16 " . So I bought a Bright Orange hat and took it to Lids store and had them put God Loves you , John 3:16 on the hat. After wearing the first hat over a year I bought another Orange hat and put the same words on it.
 But last year 2019 around March I was driving Uber picked up a rider and dropped off in Hale'iwa right nest to He>i store. And while sitting in the car in the parking lot next to He>i store, God uses the store to inspired me to start John 3;16
as a store a Name Brand. so lets start The New John 3:16 Movement. In September of 2019 The first John 3:16 t-shirts were Printed.

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